About Me

I’ve been making documentaries for the last 16 years and have a strong track record in bringing stories to life through the powerful characters that are at the core of my films, documenting the unpredictable and delivering real life drama in a compelling and thought provoking ways.

I have made films for the BBC, Discovery Channel and other digital channels. From the award winning Your Life In Their Hands to historical and science based documentaries such as Edge of Life, What’s Killing our Bees?, The Lost City of Roman Britain, Do You See What I See? and several films for the BBC’s flagship science series, Horizon. This has resulted in a colourful and varied body of work to date, from heart transplants to being frozen alive, lost cities of the Roman Empire and futuristic bionic buildings, to teenage weightlifting and tanorexia – all remarkable stories of human strength and survival.

I’ve worked extensively with talent including Victoria Beckham, James Cracknell, Bill Turnbull, Charlie Luxton, Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts, and Dr Kevin Fong.

I am especially drawn to investigating the mysteries of the human mind and filming social documentaries exploring individual physical and phycological journeys and outcomes of modern medicine within society today, captured through specific areas such as birth, transplants, surgery, anxiety disorders and drug addiction.

I’m currently working on a long term independent film ‘My Beautiful Broken Brain’.